More, more decor!

Hard to believe it is already August, that my internship is over, that I am sitting in front of a gorgeous French window overlooking the beach at Turks and Caicos, and that I start my second year of college two weeks from today. It’s a lot to take in.

When I’m not paddle boarding, reading The Divine Life of Molly Marx (recommended) or scuba diving, I am researching ideas for decorating my new apartment. Living in a dorm was all good and fun, but finally having a room all to myself again (and a queen size bed, I may be a bit of a princess) is something I have long been looking forward to. Although I am far from finished sorting out my new room, I thought I might share some of my helpful tools with those of you heading back to school as well! For those heading off to dorm life, check out my post on how I decorated my freshman dorm for some tips on making it a bit more homey.

The following sites are great for everything from bedding to decor to furniture to inspiration. And most have an app for easy research while lounging poolside!

Pinterest: I shouldn’t need to explain this one. You search, you like, you pin, repeat.

Joss & Main: amazing daily deals on every kind of home furnishing. Think Hautelook but exclusively for homes.

H&M: that’s right, people. Your favorite affordable chic shopping store now offers equally desirable finishing touches to your abode. Shop individual items or get inspired by their boho, minimalistic, modern, or girly themed collections!

Urban Outfitters & Anthropologie: these stores are known for their home section just as much as their clothing. It takes all the willpower I have to not climb into one of the perfectly plumped and made up beds in Anthro stores, and their mugs, candles, and wall art? “Adorable” would be an understatement. Unfortunately, they also are known for charging a pretty penny, and that’s when I look to my dear friend Ebay.

These are some starting points, but obviously there are a gazillion other sites out there to explore, not to mention flea markets and vintage fairs for truly unique final touches!


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