New Nautical OOTD, and some exciting news!

New nautical
    This past Sunday I attended the HerCampus HerConference event in NYC. In case you weren’t stalking my social media accounts– I might have gone a little overboard…– it was a day packed with speakers and panels, discussing everything from how to break into publishing to “How to Make your Blog a Powerhouse.” Not only that, but we got catered Chipotle lunch (nom) and had access to a BCBGeneration sample sale and Love Amika beauty bar! To put it simply, the awesome swag bag I received upon check-in only got more and more packed with samples and papers and products and snacks throughout the day!
   While there was plenty of sitting and note-taking, there was also lots of mingling and standing around, which meant I had to plan an outfit that would allow me to be confident, cute and, most importantly, comfortable! I put together a Polyvore set with items very similar to mine, so you can shop the outfit! I made it on their new iPhone App, which I had been awaiting not-so-patiently for a while now– I am quite pleased with its turnout!
   This weekend will be a very special one, for two reasons. First, it will be my last weekend in New York (…um..what? already??) which means I have to live it up!! Sam and I are going to try to go to this spot called the Frying Pan on Friday night and hit up Brooklyn either Saturday or Sunday. Hmm.. Smourgasburg or Brooklyn Flee?
   Second, this weekend I will be posting about my VERY FIRST GIVEAWAY! I will be giving away and whole shlew of samples that I received at HerConference, and believe you me, these are products I already want in full size! They are just that awesome. You will each have multiple chances to enter so don’t miss out!
What else should I do for my last weekend?! Any and all suggestions welcome!

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