A Change of Space

You may have noticed how my blog theme has been changing every so often. Perhaps too often… but this is because I have not yet found the theme or layout that truly speaks to me, that shares my personality, that really represents and just “fits” my blog. Thus, all the experimentation– and this isn’t even the end of it. Yayy for change of space! Think about it as rearranging your room. Eventually, it feels so stale and no longer like your space. Well, this blog is very much like my bedroom, where I get to do and say and show whatever I want, and I have complete control over how I want it to look. Call me Goldilocks, but I like to switch things up and try things out until I find what is just right.

On the same thread, I have finally decided on a new blog name. I never truly adored my blog name, and was way too eager to start blogging to really find a fantastic name. Then I got so caught up in school, life, and keeping my blog going that I never got around to coming up with a good one. I wanted it to have meaning, I wanted it to be unique, I wanted it to relate to me as well as what I do here.

“Magpie’s Closet” came from a family nickname and the fact that I basically was introducing you all to my wardrobe, what enters it, how I build it up without overly spending, and so on. I like the premise of the name, but not the name itself. So after weeks of brainstorming, writing and rewriting titles on random pieces of paper, asking friends and family for (A LOT OF) opinions, I came up with….drumdrumdrumdrum….One Mod Duck.

Now for the thought process:

One –> there is only one person behind these words, that would be yours truly :)

Mod –> First, there is the obvious meaning of “mod” as it relates to modernity and being new and innovative, as I try to be with my outfit choices, clothing alterations, and shopping/saving methods. Secondly, the word that originally came to mind was “moderation.” I believe everything in life is concerned with keeping a balance and doing things in moderation, and fashion is no exception. Thirdly, it rhymes with “odd” which I most certainly am.

Duck –> It completes the expression! Plus, who doesn’t like ducks? hehe…

Hopefully you all love this new title as much as I do. I think it perfectly brings together what my blog is about, what I am about, and it makes me giggle. Win, win, WIN.

happy friday everyone!


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