Little Intern, Big City

The thing that I have discovered from only a week in New York is that it seems to combine several cities into one– the quieter neighborhood areas resemble Boston, the hustle bustle of busy shopping and corporate hubs speak to London, and the ability to hop on a subway to lord knows where and still make it home by dinner time? Straight up Paris.

Here are a few quick photos I snapped along my adventures to familiarize the area:


The Saturday market in Union Square, three blocks from my dorm


Just a small section of Central Park (also reminiscent of Paris)


Above (one of three) entryways to Henri Bendel’s flagship 5th Avenue store


A view of Broadway from outside one of our buildings

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3 thoughts on “Little Intern, Big City

  1. You are sooo lucky to be learning NYC as a young person. I had lots of my friends go to New York to work after they graduated from college and they STILL love it and know exactly where to go for whatever they want to do and they continue to go back frequently.

    I, on the other hand, went to Boston and worked at Harvard and although I loved Boston, I ,now, feel totally intimidated by NYC. Don’t know where to go, how to get there or how to find what I’m looking for. I know it is easy, but half the battle is learning the subway system, experiencing the city, and doing it while you’re young.

    Enjoy your two months. At the end of the two months, you will know whether you want to go back to NYC or whether you’re more inclined to experience other parts of the country or the world……….. for that matter.


    LOVE YA,

  2. Meredith you’re amazing! Keep up the good work sis :) Lemme know about the ppl you meet at that freakin amazing internship girl!!!

  3. Ahhh sis, this is amazing!! You’re going to have so many awesome experiences that I definitely want to hear all about! Good luck (as if you need it :) )

    So proud of you!! xoxo LITB

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