The Days of DIY are back!


It feels oh so good to be home from school, if only for a little while. (I’ll be making moves to NYC at the end of this month for an AMAZING opportunity!) Don’t get me wrong, I adore UVA and college life and my wonderful friends, but home is where the heart lies, and for me, that’s the place I can be with my family and make all the clothes I want– no space or supply limitations!

After needing 4 large duffels to pack all my clothes home, I knew it was time to part with some things. So after a massive spring cleaning session, I ended up with several bags for Goodwill as well as several items ready to sell (shop some of these items on my Threadflip, Poshmark, and EBay pages).

Other items, like this denim skirt, I decided to keep and do a little DIY tweaking. For this boho summery look, I cut the fabric out of an old sack bag and used fabric glue to frame parts of the skirt. Super easy!

Like this idea? There are plenty more DIYs coming you’re way this summer!

Skirt- Joe’s Jeans, thrifted, DIYed
Top – Free People
Shoes – Target


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