Minty Fresh


Ahh, spring is in the air and that means only many things. Most importantly, it means I can begin to return to my happy, normal, non-perpetually-shivering self. Second, it means I can coordinate flats and ankle-bearing back into my wardrobe, along with some of the seasons classic pastels. My personal favorite: pale mint. The look is as crisp and refreshing as biting into a peppermint pattie.
Lastly, and perhaps most exciting, is fashion week. And with designers showing off their latest lines and setting the scene for upcoming trends across the globe, I figured it would be the perfect time to start a weekly series of posts featuring profiles of different designers, from the world-renowned to the up-and-comers. We all hear about and see images of the gorgeous and innovative garments these fashion geniuses bring to life, but what about THEIR life? How did it all begin?!
This will ideally be a fun and fascinating learning experience for you and me both. I ought to learn from the professionals if I hope to be one myself!

Look for the first in the series next week, starring none other than fashion’s king, Alexander McQueen.


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