Out of this world

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Boy, it has been one crazy past two weeks. With rush safely behind me, I am incredibly excited and proud to call myself a DELTA GAMMA!! ΔnchoΓs away, ladies, its time to pΔΓty!

Rush is a different experience for everyone, whether you are on the rushing side or if you are already in a sorority and searching for PNMs (potential new members). As PNMs, you may have preconceptions about which sorority you’d like to join, which ones don’t suit you, which ones party too hard, etc. But the greatest advice I can offer for those who will rush next year (whether it is your first time or you are giving rush a second shot) is to keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to ASK FOR HONESTY. In the end, you will either find yourself in a sorority you absolutely love, or you will be satisfied to know that greek life just isn’t your thing– and both are perfectly okay results. Some of my best friends are all in different sororities, and some decided to drop out of the process for their own reasons. Whether they decide to rush again in the fall or spring is their choice, and I applaud all of us for staying true to ourselves and not just following what other people want.

Both rush and the weeks of social events that follow are all about putting yourself out there and having a good time. Conveniently, I just received these awesome galaxy leggings from ROMWE– talk about standing out! I have seen this galaxy trend all over some of my favorite shop websites, and honestly I thought they were a little too wacky at first. So I was skeptical when I received these as a gift, but I decided I might as well give them a shot, go out on a whim, and see if I could pull em off. I am pleasantly surprised at how fun they are, and not as difficult to style as you might think. The leggings themselves are so bold and (literally) out of this world that you really only need a solid sweater or simple sweatshirt to wear them around. I may even try to wear these out at night… with wedges and a topknot perhaps?


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