RUSH 2013 – Outfit Ideas

Not only will I be returning to the ritual of classes come this Friday, but I will be returning to campus four days early for an entirely new and exciting experience – rush! Some of you may have already gone through rush, either this past fall semester or a year or two ago, but all my girlfriends and I at UVA are giddy to know what will come in the week ahead.

For us, rush will consist of 6 main house-visiting days before bid day: 2 days of round robins, 2 days of “themes” (skits, food, etc), 1 day of house tours, and 1 day of really getting to know your top preferred sororities. For a campus with 16 sororities, that’s a whooole lotta walking/standing/talking/eating, so it is essential that one dresses comfortably.

Now, I’ve noticed that many girls who’ve yet to experience rush are perhaps most nervous about their outfits for the week. This I find very silly. Rush is all about getting to know the different sororities and about them getting to know you, and what better way to express yourself and show your true colors than to incorporate them into your wardrobe?

While I certainly would not recommend worrying about what labels and designers you are wearing and trying to impress each sorority (they should like you for you and not what you can afford), I would recommend having some sort of idea of your outfits ahead of time to avoid any stress. Don’t be scared — be prepared!!

Below are my general outfits for each occasion as they stand right now. They are simply here to show you my interpretation of the recommended attire and hopefully offer you some inspiration for your own outfits. (Note: due to weather conditions, these outfits are subject to change. Also, 2nd Round Robins and Theme Day 2 are being left undecided for now. Thank you.)

Snappy Casual

Going Out - Themes Night

Business Casual

Cocktail Attire

Good luck and have fun!


One thought on “RUSH 2013 – Outfit Ideas

  1. Your cloths choices are terrific. Only one thought. Perhaps a smaller bag for the cocktail outfit would be better; maybe black. The larger greenish one sort of detracts from the fabulous dress. Of course, being of the ” OLD ” school, I always thought that it was nice to match the bag with the shoes, but as I said, I am of the
    ” OLD ” school.
    Can’t wait to hear all about Rush.

    Love Ya,

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