DIY Nail Stickers

The holidays are over, but you have a week or two before its back to the grind of classes. If you’re finding you have a good bit of time on your hands, give those hard working limbs a well deserved at-home mani and try out this new trick I discovered!


Remember that time when your math teacher told you the shortcut method after forcing you to solve a half-hour problem? That shortcut felt like the greatest thing since Taylor Swift.
If you thought that trick was amahzing, then wait till you try this one. I don’t know about you all, but I have the hardest time making cool, freehand designs on my nails. So why not save yourself from the frustrating cycle of messing up and starting over by applying nail stickers? It’s as easy at cutting shapes out of scotch tape– cause that’s all there is to it!


Paint a strip of tape with your detail color and let it dry while you paint your nails a base color. Once dry, cut out fun geometric shapes with scissors or an exacto knife and apply to your nails. Finish with two layers of top coat to ensure they stay put. And voila!

What design did you create?


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