Out with the old, In with the new


I am often very wishy-washy about how I feel about the new year. Sometimes I feel like January is just one super-long Monday, filled with the stresses of getting back to work, school, and (let’s face it) in shape. Other times I look at it as a time of renewal and refreshment– the perfect opportunity to take all my mistakes and realizations from the past year and turn them into skills, knowledge, and advancement for the upcoming 365 days. 

To keep in the spirits of refreshment, there is no time like the present to refresh that closet! I’m sure that many of you, like myself, were given many a marvelous new clothing items over the holiday–and have continued to buy them with any money/gift cards– and are now finding that you have ZERO room to store them. Rather than smushing all your clothes into vacuum storage bags a la Shopaholic, make room to display your beloved garments properly by getting rid of the things you don’t wear. Itching for spring weather already? Well then a little spring cleaning is to be expected. 

Here are the basic things to consider when going through a closet cleanse. For each piece, ask yourself:

• When was the last time I wore this? If you can’t remember, I think you know what to do with it. I good way to keep track of what you do/don’t wear is to begin with all your hangers hooked backwards on the rack. Every time you wear something, put its hanger back the right way. Every 3 months or so, take a look at the clothes whose hangers are still backwards, and consider whether they are worth keeping.

• will this come back in style? If so, think twice before chucking it. You may be hitting yourself on the head when you see the same thing going down the Fashion Week runway a year from now. 

• could I sell this? This is where the fun comes in. If you have pieces that have been only slightly worn, never worn, and may still have the tags, there is a good chance someone will buy them off you! Designer goods and popular store brands are especially easy to sell, and there are many options. You can bring your clothes into a nearby consignment store (call ahead to ask what season of clothing and designers they are accepting), or sell online. Great websites for selling clothes online are Ebay, Poshmark, and Threadflip. I have sold several things on Ebay, clothing and other things, and I have just started an account on Threadflip. 

There is no shame in shopping the post-holiday sales, but the best way to really feel good about your new purchases is to go through a little detox, make some room, and even earn a little cash along the way! 

Already purged your closet and ready for something new? Check out the things I’m selling on Threadflip by clicking here


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