What’s in my Travel Bag?



The holiday season has finally arrived and for many of us, that means a good bit of travel. Whether you are heading home from school, jetting off to the mountainside to hit the slopes, or booking a ticket to the tropics to escape the cold weather, plane travel is always hectic and stressful. First, there is the anxiety from never knowing what to pack, wondering if your bag will be overweight, and double, triple, quadruple checking your flight gate and boarding time just incase you misread it the first few times. Then there is the panic you feel when you can’t find your ID or your passport or your phone because your carry-on is filled to the brim and disorganized with things you likely don’t need and threw in before walking out the door (do you really need four lipsticks?). 


Personally, I will be taking SIX flights this winter break (school to home, home to Vail, CO, then back home, then to Key Largo, FL, then back home, then back to school). I feel so lucky to be given the opportunities to travel so much, and I think I have finally mastered the whole flight travel process. For some tips on packing, you can check out my Chic-out, Don’t Freakout post from Paris this summer. Today, I will share my carry-on essentials to keep the airport stress to a minimum. Check out What’s in my Travel Bag!


First, get a good sized bag with lots of compartments rather than a tote. Having pockets will keep your things organized rather than having to dig through a never ending pit of stuff in the terminal. Then, make sure you have these key items to make your trip easy and comfortable!

• a smaller clutch or cross-body bag that will go with any outfit. And for travel purposes, you can stow your chargers inside. 

• your jewelry pouch. My mom ingrained it in my mind that you can never trust the security who check your checked luggage. Thus, I always bring my bling on board with me. 

• a water bottle. I know you can’t bring it past security, but you can sip it in line and of course buy another once you’re in the terminal. Hydration is key!

• a pair of gloves or mittens. Obviously these are only really important when going someplace cold. Even better are the touch-screen kind so you can still use your phone!

• snacks. Airport food can be ridiculously expensive, and nowadays you can rarely get a free snack on board. Pack some healthy snacks like homemade trail mix and granola bars for the road. 

• a camera. You will need to log all your memories somehow! And just incase you run into Ryan Gosling at baggage claim, you’ll be glad you had it on you. 

• Head phones. I have two pairs, the small earbud kind that I use to run and workout, and my super comfy sound-canceling Bose headphones. With these babies, I can tune out any crying baby on board and focus my full attention on the in-flight movie.

• your wallet, complete with some bills, your ID, and credit card. I think you know why these are all necessary. 

• Reading materials. I forgot to include my iPad in the picture, but it is one of my most important travel items. I use it for all my books, magazines, and tv-shows. Kindles are great too. If you are strictly tech-free (much respect), pack a few magazines or easy novels. 

• and the extras: hand lotion, lip balm (high altitude dries the skin), sunglasses, sanitizer (airports are germ-fests), and travel-size Tylenol (sometimes, the screaming child just trumps all. Headaches will ensue).

Hope this is helpful for some of you, and may you have a safe and pleasant trip wherever your holiday travels may take you!


One thought on “What’s in my Travel Bag?

  1. Great travel post. Very informative, clever and upbeat. Makes one want to hop on a plane and go somewhere………anywhere.

    Love Ya.

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