Jeans on Jeans on Jeans on Jeans…


I am tired of hearing people say, “I could never pull off that all-jean thing,” because YES YOU CAN! It is true that there is often a fine line between this trend looking like a country-girl costume and city-girl cool, but as long as you stick to a few simple rules, it is a line you will never have to cross– no matter what height, shape, color, or spirit animal you are!

1. Mix fits. Think skin-tight bottoms with a looser top, like in my pic above, or long sleeve top with jean shorts. This way, you can even wear a top and bottom of a similar wash and it won’t look like overalls.

2. Mix washes. If keeping the colors matchy-matchy is still pushing it for you, stick to different shades of denim to break up the outfit. Better yet, if one piece has a unique acid wash or bleach detail, you get an extra dimension effect.

3. Add a statement. If you can’t be bold with the colors of your denim, be bold with your accessories. Pair the ensemble with a bright shoe, a chunky necklace, or a wrist-full of fun bangles. Since your clothes are more monochrome, you have the chance to add flare without being over the top. 

See? It is simple really. As long as you are confident in what you wear (and stay away from overalls, I will never understand if those come back), you’ve got nothing to lose!

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