Winter Beauty Roundup

Winter Beauty Roundup

Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer
$53 –; the best tinted moisturizer on the the market! I bought this about a year ago based off my sister’s recommendation. So very little goes such a long way, so it really is worth every pretty penny (and the SPF 20 is always a bonus!)

Murad; I first tried out this product through my beauty subscription to IPSY (formerly MyGlam). Dotting it right below the eyes and gently patting it in, I put this on following my tinted moisturizer and you would never know I was up until 4 am cramming for my final.

Beauty product; this stuff works wonders on that pesky dry skin that is inevitable this time of year. After removing my makeup and cleansing at night, I apply this moisturizer to my face and neck. It feels thick, but for a reason– your skin is baby soft the next morning :)

Beauty product; when I simply can’t get over the fact that my skin is slowly resembling the color of my notebook paper, I can only turn to Jergens. I prefer the foam as opposed to the lotion kind. It dries fast, and I can make sure that I don’t get splotchy by applying a regular lotion after.

Tazo Zen Green Tea Bags, 20 ct (Pack of4); attaining that healthy glow can only come from taking care of your body from inside out. Tea is my go-to beverage for morning, before bed, or whenever I need a caffeine boost, and green tea especially aids complexion.

What are your essentials when you must prepare to bare the cold?
(This post is a submission to the IFB Project #74: Share your winter beauty routine. )

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