Back from all the action

Today is the first day of Thanksgiving break, which is suggestive of much more than simply the commencement of the turkey consumption process. A lot has been going on lately, which is my excuse for the lack of postings, but every hiatus on this blog can only lead to one thing: a super ultimate exciting all-inclusive mega post! On that note, let’s break it down so you, loyal reader, know what you are getting into here.

Recent happenings of the past week include:

Math exam, Paris art history paper, filming of the first two episodes of our web series, photo shoots for the fashion club, the fashion show (!!!), and of course the return home to sWellesley, MA.

Now for the juicy deets:

Math exam? coulda gone better. Should probably get a tutor before the final…

Paris paper? 5-6 pages about the influence of the department store. Safe to say i’ve written more difficult essays.

Filming the web series? So far so good! The first video will be a welcome and intro, letting our viewers get a better sense of who Tobe and I are, our personal style, fav stores, all that jazz. From there on out, each episode will feature a UVA student who’s got awesome style (giving to the name of our show, HOOS Got Style). We will interview them with questions about their fashion inspiration, do’s and don’ts, shopping hotspots, and much more. I was already so impressed with our first guest, Nilla, I can’t wait until the videos are edited and posted. Coming soon, we will have a youtube channel and Facebook page, in addition to posting them here on Magpie’s Closet!

Photo shoots? This was definitely fun. Out of all the chilly, rainy weather we’d been having, the sun decided to shine down on Cville the day of the shoots. Since my outfits consisted of a skirt and a dress, I was very pleased. Not only did I get to model one of my own designs for the lookbook, but I modeled the adorable designs of my fellow FAME club designer Yemi Agusto.

The fashion show? truly unforgettable. It is one thing to take an old tshirt and cut it up into a tank. It is one thing to refurbish a crewneck sweatshirt with some unexpected lace detail. It is one thing to put on something you’ve made and have someone compliment you on it. It is another thing entirely to make a 7-piece collection entirely from scratch and watch it go down the runway. Now, I am only 19 and clearly cannot speak from experience here, but I can only imagine it being similar to watching your child take their first few steps. These designs are my baby, my creation, and I couldn’t be more proud. This was only the first of many collections for me, and I cannot wait to get going on the next one.

Oh and to top it all off, I got to walk in the show myself. I got the chance to literally strut my stuff on the catwalk. I may be a newbie to this whole designer thing, but I bet Diane Von Furstenberg can’t say she’s done the same…

Here are some of the shots that made it into the lookbook and pictures snapped from the show:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To catch more of the show’s highlights, check out this video my roommate Jackie compiled, featured on the Cavalier Daily website!

Last but not least, I should mention that I am writing to you all once again from the comforts of my queen size bed back home. What to expect from this week? a couple outfit posts and plenty of Thanksgiving Pinterest pins. If I seem to have fallen off the earth again after this week, blame it on the food coma.


One thought on “Back from all the action

  1. AWESOME!!!!! What an adorable dress. I just love the top. So clever and definitely avant garde. Congratulations. Can’t wait to see you.


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