OOTD and Exciting Updates!


boots – Madewell; socks – Free People; lace dress – thrifted; tribal sweater – LF; cape jacket – LF; lace headband – Forever 21

 I feel like it has been ages since I’ve last posted, but things are pretty hectic here right now. For one thing, I have 12 days before I go home for Thanksgiving break (I can almost taste the stuffing right now…mmm) and in the meantime I have a paper to write and an exam to study for. Not only is the school work piling on, but lots of exciting things are sprouting up too!

I am designing and modeling in the fashion club FAME here at school. Everything in the show is completely made from scratch– no patterns used– and all completed by the students. After a semester of planning and producing our designs, the show is fast approaching. Our dress rehearsal is on Monday, and everything must be 100% finished by then. This means I have to make all the final touches to my collection AND get them shot for the lookbook AND model for a fellow designer’s lookbook photo all by Sunday night! It’ll be a crazy weekend, to say the least.

On top of all that, I have recently partnered with my friend and fashionisto Tobe, and together we will be hosting a web series Hoos Got Style! Each episode will feature a UVA student whom we interview about their style, where they shop, their must-haves, and more! We are planning to shoot the first few episodes this weekend and have the first one up and going before break. I am SO excited about this and would really love you all to check it out. Check back for links to the video next week!

Of course, no matter how busy I get with school, fashion remains at the forefront of my thoughts. I guess that’s how I know I’m meant for this industry.


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