I’ll Have a Little Bit of Everything

In my last fitness post, I mentioned that the students were becoming the teachers for the next couple of classes. Last week, we went through six different pairs who all had great routines to show us– some emphasizing cardio, some on the core, others on the arms, legs, balance, etc. Additionally, there were some routines I found that are great for the gym newbie and others for the gym rat; some routines include moderations to make the exercises more/less challenging to fit your fitness abilities.

After all of the pairs in my class have presented their workouts, I will compose a full post describing the different routines we performed, what they target, and my impressions of them. For now, here is a glimpse of what you have to look forward to: circuit training, cardio pilates w/ glider plates, Kettlebells (my own routine!), single-leg balance, yoga, dynamic planks, P90X (I ache just thinking about it), and more!

Of the routines so far, I have found the dynamic plank and circuits to be the most challenging, and have taken a strong liking to the pilates/plates exercises.

Thanks to our good friend Sandy, who seems to have quickly passed over us here in Virginia, we still had canceled classes today as well. So our next student workout sessions will have to wait until Thursday. Oh darn… :)

Stay tuned (and toned!) for more next weekend!


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