OOTD & How To Take Your Summer Staples into the Fall

Lace top – Victoria’s Secret; grey tank – thrifted; cape sweater – Nordstrom; shorts – Forever 21; shoes – TOMS

Charlottesville is warming up a bit this week. Yesterday was in the low 70’s and we are supposed to hit 81 on Wednesday! I guess it’s a nice reality check that we aren’t quite that close to winter break yet… what a shame.

 Personally, I have a constant issue with shopping for the upcoming season, no matter what time of year; I always get so bored and uninspired by the closing season’s attire, and way too excited about my new purchases. Ultimately, I have no patience to wait until it gets cold to wear my sweaters or fabulous new wool coat– not the best idea when temperatures are still reaching 80 degrees on occasion…  So, I have fired up my self-discipline, held off on my coat, and come up with a number of ways to make those warm weather staples last during the tricky season transition.

(click the numbers to see an inspiration board for a sample outfit)

1) Jean cut-offs paired with patterned tights and a solid tee or with a cape sweater (as shown above)

2) a cute day dress with a leather jacket and boots

3) a maxi dress/skirt with a cashmere pull-over sweater

4) your favorite crop top with high-waisted pants and a blazer

5) white denim with a comfy flannel

6) your beach cover-up/tunic as a slip under a cozy sweater or with leggings and a cardi

Have some creative ideas of your own? Make an outfit inspiration board at Polyvore.com and share it in the comments!


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