When the students become the teachers…

…you never quite know what is coming next! In this Tuesday’s workout class we did another round of partner exercises, but Thursday really mixed things up a bit. Starting this week, and for the next couple weeks, the students in the class pair up and present a 15 minute workout of their choosing to the rest of the class. With 3 groups instructing per class, we end up getting a full 45 minute workout that never gets boring! Why? Because we are constantly changing things up! Thursday, the first group started off with a rather intense time-based circuit routine, combining 10 or so strength and cardio exercises that you perform for a minute each with 20 sec rests in between. From there, the next group had us using free weights, and we finished up with some less intensive exercises that were more calming and grounding– perfect way to end the workout.

This is something to keep in mind for anyone who gets incredibly bored during a workout. Don’t simply stick to the same routine each time you go to the gym. Vary your routes when you go for a run. Spend one day working your arms and the next work your legs. Break up your cardio into 15 minutes on the bike, 15 on the elliptical, or whatever you please. When it comes to exercise, its important to be consistent with how often you workout, but inconsistent with how you workout.

My partner and I will be teaching our workout this coming Thursday, and I will post a copy of the routine here on the blog. Looking forward to what the other groups have in store!


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