OOTD – Black & Yellow

shirt – Madewell; pants & scarf – Urban Outfitters; boots – ShoeDazzle

Notice where I am? NOT outside the dorms! I am at home, sweet home, once again and I must say, this is the most this place has ever truly felt like HOME. My brother and I flew home on Saturday morning with three of his friends in tow, and ever since it has been a weekend of nonstop relaxing, shopping and mother-daughter girl time, and eating. Perhaps the thing I miss the most is seafood. It is easy enough to find a decent sushi restaurant in Cville, but a hearty filet of salmon or the perfect shrimp cocktail does not exist anywhere near campus. And us Bostonians, well, we know our seafood; we have the right to be picky.

The other nice thing about being back in New England is the weather. Though Virginia is definitely starting to cool down a bit, fall is in full swing in Wellesley– and I am loving every minute of it. Speaking of all the shopping I’ve been up to, check out my new scarf! I am absolutely in love with this baby blue mint color, and the fringe (which covers the whole thing) makes it extra cozy as well as unique. Snag your own scarf here!


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