The Plus Side of Partners & Pilates

When your weekends consist of late nights wandering from a frat house highlighter party to random apartment that is supposedly having a birthday party to the crew house America party to 2 AM dumplings, you are bound to be sore by Monday (did I mention this was all done in heels?). Thankfully, we switched things up a bit in my core training class this week, and I was spared a painful Tuesday morning. Instead, we performed exercises in pairs with medicine balls, resistance bands, and our own trusty muscles. A nice culmination of the things we worked on the past couple of weeks, Tuesday’s class was a great way to remind me how relieving a workout can actually be. Call me crazy– how can squats and sit ups possibly be freeing?!  but think about it. Having a friend go through the exercises with you is your distraction. While it is important to have good form during the workout, you can keep that at the back of your mind, and gab the time away with stories of your crazy weekends! Let that socialite shine through during your morning sweat session, and you’ll be alert and all chatted-out by class time, ready to focus on the good stuff: calc 2, psychology, art history, oh my!!!

Thursday’s class was even more of a stress-buster. When it comes to core training, nothing beats some good ole Pilates– especially from an MTV workout DVD with a bleach blond chick in bright orange pants as your instructor! Still a great workout, Pilates is the perfect way to focus your mind and zen your soul before midterms.


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