Let me tell you a thing or two (or ten) about Scarves

Gather round on this glorious day, my loyal fashion fiends! Now that it is October we are well on our way into Fall, and those wonderfully pretty and practical strips of fabric known as scarves are taking the lead in my closet as the most-worn must-have.

Historically, scarves derived from a Roman cloth that was worn to keep you clean. Although we don’t exactly look to an Hermès scarf to keep the dirt off our shoulders, the basic principle of using scarves to help an outfit look clean, neat, and put together is still very prevalent. In today’s world of style, scarves come in many shapes and sizes, patterns, opacity, fabrics, and serve a variety of functions. They are a classic staple that look good around our necks, in our hair, over our shoulders, and even as a skirt or top. They add color to earth tones, add patterns to solids, create texture contrasts, and make an otherwise blah outfit an awe-inciting outfit.

To make things even more interesting, there are loads of different ways to wear them on each area of your bod. Think of the different scarf-tieing methods as subcategories within each body-part (neck, head, torso, etc) category. Here is an awesome video made from the offices of Stella and Dot to help give you some ideas on how to sport this season’s MVP:

Of course, you could also wear your scarf in this super sexy way on a chilly night out, like me:

Believe it or not, even fashion scarves offer up some warmth!


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