Where’s my Moonbounce?

They say birthdays get less exciting with age, and I agree in the sense that I no longer get to celebrate with moon bounces, Chuck E Cheese, and piñatas. I suppose I could, but I’m not sure I’d get the same looks of unconfined joy as I used to from my party attendees. Or maybe I am jumping to conclusions, and in fact everyone else wants to relive their childhood days as much as I do. But of course, being young adults in college, we would never admit this and choose to acknowledge the one year closer to 21 by acting as if we were 21: partying and going to fancy dinners.

My birthday fell on a Monday this year, so I took the opportunity to dedicate the whole weekend as a buildup. My two friends from nearby URichmond came to visit, bearing none other than a box of beautiful Carytown Cupcakes. Of course I shared them with everyone, but not without getting a bite of each different flavor first. See the orgasmic tiramisu cupcake I devoured below:


Saturday evening commenced with cupcakes, continued with frat hopping and Jell-O shots, and concluded with cuddling with my best friend, Diana. Reunited and it feels so good.

myself, Diana, and Sam

Diana and Sam left early that morning, and Sunday was a day of recovery– including, of course, a scrumptious dining hall brunch (oxymoron?) and homework. Monday, the real deal, was much more low key and lovely; just what I needed. Despite having to go to class, the constant incoming of texts and Facebook notifications wishing me a happy birthday kept me going– not to mention the cards from friends and family that now decorate my desk.

To celebrate properly, I needed a proper meal and not just the dried pork they serve at the cafeteria. For this, my closest new friends and I went to Basil, an awesome Mediterranean restaurant on the corner. I snapped a photo of my delicious salmon salad to make you all jealous:


It’s beautiful huh?

Almost as beautiful as the bouquet of flowers my older brother surprised me with at the restaurant! I guess this is what brothers are for after you outgrow the noogie phase…

No birthday would be complete without dessert. Rather than the usual cake, I went with cake, fruit, Reese’s, kitkats, cookie dough, and caramel. All in a cup atop some 5 flavors of mixed Froyo. Five points to whoever can spot the candle in my cup!


So now I am 19. In three days less than a year, I will be two decades old. Yikes… that moon bounce is starting to sound really good right about now…


3 thoughts on “Where’s my Moonbounce?

  1. Yummy cupcakes delivered by close friends Flowers from your thoughtful brother. A scrumptious looking but not very big salmon salad that left plenty of room for a delicious looking candle bedecked sundae made for an outstanding ongoing birthday celebration.

    Who needs a Moon Bounce??

    Love Ya,

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