The power of the Medicine Ball



I always hear gym junkies say how great a workout they get from using medicine balls, but all I see is an extra heavy kickball. I’ve tried incorporating medicine balls into my workouts in the past, but I haven’t really found exercises that make me feel the burn. Aside from the classic russian twists (aka cherry-pickers), I just feel kinda silly holding a big ball in my hands while squatting and what-not. However, this week of core training introduced me to the true power of medicine balls, and I’ve never balled so hard in my life.

Before trying out exercises with the ball, we had to make sure we could do them without the extra 6 pounds in our hands. Tuesday’s class was dedicated to “practicing” the exercises, including lunges, squats, planks, and of course russian twists. Confident that I would have no problem repeating the workout on Thursday with the medicine balls, I went out on Wednesday night expecting to have a nice easy workout in the morning. Instead, I slept passed my alarm, sprinted to the gym in 7 minutes, and then, out of breath, proceeded to do all the exercises that are, in fact, MUCH more difficult with the medicine ball. For those of you looking to boost your sweat session, the medicine balls are the way to go. But take it from my sore buns and obliques– proceed with caution.


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