Black, White and Blue all over

jeans – Free People; Top & Blazer- Forever 21; Wedges – TJMaxx

This morning was such a whirlwind. Even though I made damn sure my alarm was set for 7:30 am, I must have been so tired that I subconsciously turned it off in my groggy early morning half-sleep. After a night out (I know it was Wednesday– this was a special circumstance…Girl Talk concert!), I woke up by random chance at 7:50, just 10 minutes before my workout class began at Mem gym. After throwing myself out of bed, repeatedly whispering cuss words (couldn’t wake Jackie!) while throwing on the first sports bra and baggy tee I could find, I managed to make my class on time. I did have to sprint my ass there to make up for the usually 10-minute walk, but a little extra cardio never hurts.

Once I got back to my room after class and took my first real deep breath of the day, I knew I was in no mood for another day of skinny jeans. I’ve also learned the hard way that skinnies and scabby knees (from my tumble last week) do not cooperate. Instead, I opted for my super duper comfy flares and paired them with a breezy tank. All I can say is thank god loose jeans are in style, and I may be no Covergirl, but hell I feel easy, breezy, beautiful.


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