Best Foot Forward – OOTD

Boots – Madewell; Dress – I don’t remember; Sweater – LF; heart cuff – thrifted; watch – Target

As you may (but probably don’t) know, my birthday is next Monday! That means I have less than one week to live it up and end my 18th year on a flourish. Obviously, this time will consist of three more full class days and lots of reading in between, but it will also consist of celebratory parties, a girls dinner, and girl talk– both literal girl talk as well as the concert! I’ve never been to one of their concerts before, so it should be interesting. Especially since it will be outdoors, about 50 degrees and a chance of rain. How typical of my life.

The one thing missing from setting the fall season off to great start? A great pair of classic good ol’ riding boots. How convenient, then, that I happen to find the PERFECT pair just in time!

These may seem familiar to a lot of you. They are the Madewell Archive Boot that have been pretty popular for a while now, but for good reason. They are simple, universal, practical, comfortable, and a gorgeous genuine leather. They are a staple in any wardrobe, and will never go out of style. Mine arrived today, and I already wish I had gotten them sooner!

As you all should know, I am very much a bargain hunter. When I see something I like for a price that causes me to wrinkle my nose, I will not stop until I find a better deal. Or, in some instances, I set out to make it myself (see my post on patchwork jeans, for example). In this case, I hunted them down on Ebay and was able to snag these babies brand new for $75 off retail price. This deal made my mama happy (thanks for the birthday gift! love you!) and it has clearly made me happy! Just look at that smile!


One thought on “Best Foot Forward – OOTD

  1. GREAT PICTURE!! Those are fabulous and you look fashionable to the nth degree. What else is online that might peek your interest?? Isn’t that what birthdays are all about?? Give us a tell.
    Love Ya,

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