A Blast of Contrast

Everyone likes a little contrast– unless you choose to flaunt the monochromatic trend that pops up every so often. But even then, we can usually find variance between each piece through the fabric: the tailored versus the billowy, the sheer versus the opaque, the shiny versus the dull, you get the idea. The point is, contrast is interesting. Contrast is beautiful, and it captures our attention.

Take Paris for example; the city of love that just so happens to also be the origin of the guillotine. I apologize for the grotesque image of severed heads that is probably running through your mind at the moment (and if it wasn’t before, it is now), but this fact has lead Paris to be the epitome of contrast. I am currently taking an art history course titled, “Paris: Capital of the 19th-Century,” and much of class thus far has been spent investigating the visual transformations made during Napoleon’s post-Revolution era. However, even with his grand contributions, including the statue of himself he so modestly erected smack in the center of Place Vendôme, images of Paris continually capture the juxtaposition of the medieval, the Napoleonic, and the modern.

Perhaps this the key reason why Paris is the most visited city in the world– or perhaps it is the crêpes. Either way, it is a place that is different, filled with many different kinds of people, food, and lets not forget fashion.

As I got dressed today, I noticed that I had inadvertently decided to don something that embodied plenty of contrast, both the obvious kind and the subtle.


Contrast 2

top – Free People; shorts – Urban Outfitters; combat boots – Urban Original; bag – BCBG

A few days ago, Cville received a good bit of rain which thankfully flushed out the humid heat and left behind sunny days of perfect temperature. I’m talking, 55-60 degree mornings (where you almost want to go on that run you promised yourself the night before), 70-73 degree afternoons paired with a pleasurable breeze, and 50 degree evenings that encourage yoga sweats and movie nights (after studying is finished…usually). Almost sounds better than pina colada’s in hawaii, doesn’t it?!

 With all this blessed weather we are having, I have been able to tuck away my tanks and pull out the long-sleeves. Yet, it is not time for the full fall transition. Thus, my contrasting outfit combination:

black & white, long sleeve & shorts, edgy & classic, even military & criminal (I just realized that one! and my band-aids look especially bad-ass… more on that in my next fitness post).


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