NEW ADDITION – livin’ the lean life

Just as fashion is a prominent element of my life, health and wellbeing is equally important. Confidence is a beautiful quality, and personally I have found that I feel the most confident when I feel healthy.  For a while now I have wanted to start a fitness page on my blog, and there is no time like the present! Recently, fitness blogging has become a college requirement for me!

Yesterday, while sifting through my school’s website in search of one more class to add to my schedule (being an overachiever is something I unfortunately can’t grow out of), I was suddenly reminded of my friend Emily’s decision to take swimming. Not the swim team, not swimming lessons, but swim PE. I had completely forgotten that PhysEd classes were being offered! Granted they aren’t weighted as much as Astrophysics, but who would pass up the chance to get some school credit simply by exercising?! Not this gal.

My decision came down to either Conditioning or Core Training, and I went with the latter based on my schedule. “A variety of exercises directed at working the core– focusing on abs and glutes;” basically I get to go to two fitness classes a week without paying additional drop-in fees of $10 or more. I feel like I’m cheating the system! Brilliant! The best part? If I skimp out, I receive a big fat FAIL on my transcript. How’s that for motivation?

This morning I went to my first core class at 8 am, ready to roll. Not quite sure what to expect, I was pleased to find that we mix it up each class. Apparently on Tuesday, the class focused on upper body. Today’s focus was lower abs– every girl’s pesky trouble zone. Some exercises I had done before, like the pilates 100, but some were totally new. Take, for example, crab-walk crunches: on all fours, torso up in a crab-walk position, crunch one arm and opposite knee, alternating 10 times. Now do it again for 5 sets total, and you’ve never felt (or looked) more ridiculous.

Now, I am required by this class to post about each session. While I have chosen to make my fitness log an addition to my style blog, I will be sharing with you all some health and exercise practices of my own– routines, stress-relievers, and of course recipes. So enjoy!

Have specific questions or requests? Don’t be afraid to contact me! I may be a wild child but I promise I don’t bite.


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