Game Time

UVA! GO HOOS GO!ImageFrom the first week of classes to the first frat parties, finding the right thing to wear is tricky, and sporting events are no exception. At some schools it may be easy: everyone goes to the games wearing a signature fan tee, like the BC Eagles Superfans. For others, it may be more traditional to go to the games in more fashionable attire; such is typical at UVA. Of course, there are a few things to consider when selecting your game day garb.

1) What are the school colors?

2) Is it an indoor or outdoor game?

3) What will the weather be like? (Even if it is indoors, you have to get to/leave the stadium somehow!)

4) What will you feel the most comfortable and confident in?

My outfit evaluation went something like this:

1) Navy and Orange

2) Outdoor, and on the grass

3) 90 degrees, chance of rain, way too much humidity

4) preferably something that won’t show pit stains and won’t flash anyone when I sit down

Keeping these factors in mind, I decided upon an orange, sleeveless romper and silver flat sandals. This was the perfect solution to a pit problem, and I needn’t worry about pantie peekage if I were to keel over from heat exhaustion.   ImageIt was a heat-stroke kind of day no matter what you wore, to be perfectly honest. But there are always tricks to fake it ’til you make it. I just feel bad for those Virginia gents who showed up in button-downs and khakis.

PS. Cavalier’s won!

romper – Marshall’s; necklace – Target; bangle – Francesca’s

Photo Cred – Emily Leidy 


2 thoughts on “Game Time

  1. TERRIFIC!!! Loved the rhymes. You three girls must have been the debs of the day

    Cool at B.I. so hopefully weather has improved there too.

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