Forever Young & OOTD


Tomorrow marks the end of the first week of classes here at UVA. I still can hardly believe it. I also can hardly believe that it is almost September, and thus I am almost 19. Good lord, where has my childhood gone? It slipped right out from under me, that sneaky little monkey. I often get so caught up in the happenings of my day to day life, so eager to move things along and get started on each next adventure, that I forget to enjoy the here and now. Well, here and now, I am still 18. I am too young to drink legally, too young to drive a rental car, too young to get my 16-year-old brother into an R-rated movie with me. So despite the law’s statements that I am an official adult with the right to sign my own life away on a contract and marry whomever I please, I still have a couple years of child shenanigans left in me.

Here, my outfit to classes for the day. Forever young in denim and black.

shorts – vintage; tank – forever 21; vest – Marshall’s; shoes – TOMS


One thought on “Forever Young & OOTD

  1. Love the outfit, but tell us, tell us…

    How do you like your classes, Mr. Jefferson’s University, and all the other wonderful things about C’ville.???
    We will miss you and your brother at B.I. this weekend. Love Ya.

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