I’m here, I’m here!

I can’t believe it is actually happening. I am not just sitting in any old room writing this post. I am sitting on my proudest creation, my heavenly bed, in my COLLEGE dorm room, typing on my brand spankin new Macbook Air, and it is all so surreal. When asked to give an example of a dream-like situation, most girls probably wouldn’t say “moving into a nearly century-old, cinder blocked, 16×12 ft room with a stranger,” but I am not most girls, and my new room (and roommate) are anything but creepy. Quite the contrary, we have similar taste, and have successfully decorated our room to be the talk of the campus! Okay, maybe not the whole campus, but every other girl in our building has come to see our room at least once. Our goal was to create a cozy, welcoming, somewhat rustic space– something totally different from my old room at home (decorated for a 10 year old obsessed with dragonflies). And today, we received the ultimate compliment; I beamed with pride when a neighbor called ours the “Anthropology room.” Mission accomplished. 

It was not easy to get our room this way, let me say. It took a lot of planning, a lot of hard labor, and lots of heavy lifting. It was quite the workout! For our dads, anyways… what are loving fathers for but to assist their dainty daughters with three suitcases full of clothes? 

Check back tomorrow for a full post on my room, and tips on how to decorate your own!ImageImage


5 thoughts on “I’m here, I’m here!

  1. Lovely! So cool…and definitely YOU! Laid back and unassuming; confident but not conceited; a warm and welcoming “home away from home”…without the dragonflies!

    • Amazing!! So cool to be able to lie in your bed, look up and decide what you’re going to wear based on the shoes that look comfy that day. You’ve done a terrific job. Are you sure you didn’t hide a dragon fly behind a pair of shoes????
      Grandy Frank and I hope you have a fabulous year.

      Love you lots, Many hugs and kisses

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