Made ’em Myself – DIY Patchwork Jeans

I first spotted this pair of patchwork jeans when I opened an email from Free People a couple weeks ago. So in love, but heartbroken at the price, I continued to revisit them on the website on nearly a daily basis.


Then, last weekend I took on the daunting task of ridding my closet of everything I had’t worn in at least the past year. This process is always difficult, especially for a packrat (This heinous daisy tshirt is a piece of my childhood!). Nonetheless, I successfully filled three garbage bags with clothes to donate or sell (more on this in my money saving post — stay tuned!!). While weeding out my old jeans, I found a flared dark grey-wash pair. They still fit like magic, except for being several inches too short, causing them to flare at my ankles. Hottt.

I tried rolling them once or twice to give them the boyfriend look. Cute! But then–pause for effect–a was hit with a stroke of genius. I would make them into my own pair of patchwork jeans!!


I absolutely ADORE how they turned out, and it was so simple! I thought I would share my success with you all in this DIY post.


– any pair of good fitting jeans (loose or skinny will work, its up to you)

– scissors

– needle + thread

– a variety of scrap pieces of fabric

I made these over the course of two evenings at home, so you have to have a little patience. I kept myself entertained by catching up on episodes of PLL. And honestly, you hardly need to know how to sew do to this, and that is only if you want the hand-stitched look. Otherwise, grab some iron-on backing and an iron and you’ll be done in 10 minutes!


I gathered my patch fabrics from another old pair of jeans, some shorts, boxers, a Free People shopping bag, and some scrap pieces I got from the leftovers pile at the fabric store. Try to get a variety of patterns, colors, and fabrics. Incorporating some sheer pieces and crochet adds a unique touch. I cut them up into squares and rectangles of various sizes.


Place your patches on the jeans where you think you want them. Take a picture to remember how you laid them out. This will make it easier to replace the layering patches after stitching on the bottom piece.


Stitch the patches on with the needle and thread using a simple weave “in & out” stitch. No need to be super careful about how long or far apart each stitch is. The sloppiness adds to the relaxed look.





Voila! No need to spend upwards of $200 on these bad boys– I Made ’em Myself :)


One thought on “Made ’em Myself – DIY Patchwork Jeans

  1. You are the cleverest girt!!!! Those jeans are very special because they look great, you did it yourself and they are ” one of a kind “. Way to save money, my girl. You certainly don’t take after me. You’ve got your Gran and your Mom’s and perhaps Memere’s “sewing” genes. When they were passing those out, they skipped right by me. BOO HOO!
    Love Ya,

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