Fall ’12 Must-Haves

Ahh my favorite time of year is approaching! For reasons other than my birthday being in September, I truly love love LOVE the fall time of year. There truly is no other season where you can incorporate any piece in your entire closet, whether it be a cozy knit pull over or a saucy lil tank top. It is the season of layering!! For me, when I start layering all my favorite pieces like a mad women, that can only mean one thing: days of sweating from simply standing outside are in the past, with apple picking, hay rides, and strolls through the park, strewn with fallen leaves, are just around the corner!
I know it is only August, but I am getting ahead of the game and planning out all my fall must-have’s ahead of schedule. This way, on the first strike of a crimson red leaf to the ground, I am prepared for the most wonderful time of year (which, contrary to the popular belief set by Andy Williams, is not Christmas. That comes in close second).
Here is a set of 11 basics that I have put together. You will probably notice that there is a lack of pattern and few bright, bold colors here. Ah, but it is all well and good, my friends. By choosing pieces that are neutral tone, they easily become staples in your wardrobe that can be worn again and again, without an “I wear these pants 5 days a week!” sticker plastered to your forehead.
1. The Red Cable Knit Sweater – is there really much to explain here? This piece is comfortable as can be, and cable knit is making a comeback this year. The pattern has found its way out of your mother’s box in the attic from the 80’s and onto the runways of J.Crew, Rodarte, and Tommy Hilfiger. Plus, red just packs an extra punch thats oh so delicious. Now I want an apple…
2. The Scarf – something with a simple pattern is versatile. The cotton fabric is enough to keep you warm when there is a bit of fall wind, but cool enough to be worn as an accessory even on warmer days.
3. Alex and Ani bracelets – I was gifted a few of these for graduation and I wear them just about every day!  I have two in both silver and gold, and I often wear them together. I don’t believe in the rule that you can’t mix metals. Poppycock, I say. Plus, there are so many different styles of charms that you can pick something that makes them a real personal piece! For example, one of mine has the Red Sox logo. I’ll always be e Beantowner at heart <3
4. Faux leather/ “wet look” leggings – an interesting and chic take on the classic legging that is quickly becoming the most commonly worn staple next to jeans. Leather and metallic have been taking over lately, so if you are itching to satisfy that trend craving but aren’t ready to take the full plunge into a leather mini, try these slick legs on for size. Perfect with that cable knit sweater for day time, or pair em with a flashy top for a night out!
5. Jewel Tone skinnies – another trend to spot this F/W12 is jewel tone pieces. Seen in the fashion week collections of YSL, Prada, and Zac Posen, to name a few, the jewel tone can be accomplished without spending a jewels worth! check out this pair from UO now on sale for only $29!!!
6. Cropped boots – these are a great investment. First, I love boots. Love em to death. Only, they get too hot in warmer temperatures and my legs start sweating and then I’m too uncomfortable for them to look cute. meh. BUT with these beauts, I can rock the boots all day err day. The perfect transition piece, and you get to choose the overall style! Grunge, biker, sleek, classic, tribal, or futuristic! If you are into that kinda thing.
7. Vintage pack – we aren’t just going to college to party. We will, at some point, have to lug our sleep-deprived selves to class, so we want to do so with a stylin book bag to make up for the not-so-stylin undereye bags. Say buh-bye to that purple camo L.L.Bean backpack with your initials on it that you’ve used since middle school, and say hello to a bag thats even more old school. There are great leather, canvas, and vintage pieces on sites like Etsy, or you can get a cheaper version (also not authentic) at ModCloth or Pacsun.
8. the Peacoat – unlike me, are you dreading the end of summer and all things light and lovely? Or are you like me after all and you disobey  many “rules” in fashion, thus choosing to wear white no matter what time of year? If “yes” to either question, then choose a peacoat in an off-white or cream color this fall. Just because the cold is coming does not mean you can’t keep your wardrobe bright and warming!
9. the Utility Coat – or maybe you like the darker tones after all. Military style has been making its mark year round, from jackets to cargo pants to aviators to footwear, and with no foreseen stopping point. To keep this trend interesting, stray from the usual army green by choosing black, maroon, or maybe even a deep plum color! Or stick with green. That’s still cute, too.
10. Long Sleeve dress/romper – here’s where you can go crazy with your patterns! A dress or romper can easily be worn all by itself, especially if long sleeved; the fabric pattern will act as the accessories. However, it can also easily be layered (<3 layers!!!) and offer a pop of color behind solid basics.
11. Aviators – although summer may be ending, the sun is still out during the day and those beautiful eyes need protection! Everyone has their go-to pair of sunnies, but I’ve decided to go a slightly different route with an all black pair, a la Kate Moss. The sun also never sets on being badass.

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