Back in action

Finally home! Barely though. I honestly thought I was about to witness my mom have a heart attack when we approached our flight gate to find my brother had lost his ticket. Despite the booth guy explaining that “without his ticket you may want to seriously consider where you will stay for the night,” my dad remained perfectly calm, having my brother sprint through the airport to find it. He managed, somehow. And thank gawd!

It feels so good to be home and breathing that Boston air– I must enjoy it while I can. Only 10 days till I leave for school. TEN!! I say this with both excitement, anxiety, and sadness (in that order). I have so much to do this week, including gathering supplies for my DIY dorm room (something for y’all to look forward to!) and packing. Yikes.

In the meantime it is also nice to be back and blogging again like normal. Here, a simple OOTD to ease back into the pace of things.


sweater – LF; shorts – Forever 21


I just love this color combination. The best brights of summer, but the white ombre keeps things from being too bold.

Coming up:
– tutorial on this braided hair
– fall/college-bound must haves
– the other posts I mentioned in blog on pause


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