Blog on Pause

As I’m sure you’ve all noticed, I have been slacking a wee bit in the way of posting, but I assure you it is for a very good reason. I have no Internet! Well, I have limited Internet. In fact, I am on a trip with my family to the lovely Canadian wilderness! Okay, we are actually in Banff and staying in a wonderfully quaint hotel, but if you stand at the edge of the porch and face the evergreen forest and Rocky Mountain peaks, you’d think you were in your own episode of Woman Versus Wild. Thus, while I am out here embracing the fresh air and time with my family, it has been tricky to find time to post. To make it up to you, I have these future posts for you to look forward to upon my return this weekend:
What’s in my travel bag?!
– How to survive a two-day train ride with 58 senior citizens and a guide who won’t shut up
– My College-a-go-go must haves

Check back around Sunday and Monday– or every day, hour, minute. Whichever you please.


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