Let’s do this

Welp. I’ve made it. While I sit here writing this post, creating my first journal entry of sorts, I can’t help but grin at the fact that I am no longer in high school. Even writing it out just now turned my grin into a full fledged toothy smile. After spending 7 years at the same all-girl school, I can finally breath a sigh of relief that, come the fall, I will not be returning to my usual ways. Don’t get me wrong, I truly loved my high school experience– the cattiness, the drama, the PMS hormones, the Friday (and Saturday) nights spent watching America’s Next Top Model reruns… I will honestly miss all those 90+ girls I so proudly call my silver sisters. Nonetheless, to put things simply, I can’t freakin wait for college.

I will be boarding a plane to Charlottesville this August to attend none other than the University of Virginia– Mr. Jefferson’s pride and joy. What is my plan of action from there, you may ask? As far as classes and majors are concerned, I have yet to confirm with any of the many voices in my head telling me to pursue everything: business, journalism, film, psychology, fashion. Somehow, ballet has been a recurring idea, despite not having touched a leotard or tutu since the 3rd grade. As a Halloween costume. Ideally, I will find a way to mesh all my interests together. But rather than post the outcome in a single life update four years from now, I’d like to take you all on the journey with me. While I can’t tell you whether you will find yourself reading in awe of my impressive success or commenting sympathetically when things fall crumbling down like the worlds driest cookie, I can promise you some insight to all that I discover about college, life, craftiness, and style along the way.

Oh yea– this will be a fashion blog. Welcome, my lovelies. Won’t you stay a while?


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